Bangalore, August 29, 2016: To celebrate the legacy of the outgoing RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, Zzungry, a Bengaluru based Food Company that offers freshly prepared Royal pan Indian cuisine, has introduced two unique and offbeat dishes in their menu as a tribute to India’s popular Central banker.

The two dishes Ulundukozhukattai and Kovakozhukattai are inspired from the cuisines of two states in India that hold great relevance in the life of DrRajan. The dishes priced at 100/- and 150/- will be available in the Zzungry menu from 26thAugust to 2ndSeptember 2016 just before Raghuram Rajan’s sign off from his tenure.

Commenting on the initiative, AshishKalya, Co- Founder, Zzungry, said “ This is a unique gesture from Zzungry to appreciate the commendable work done by Dr. Rajan. He has touched the lives of commoners and entrepreneurs like us in a positive way.”

The Savoury dish (Ulundukozhukattai) is a delectable savory rice flour dumpling stuffed with medium spicy mixture of urad dal, tempered with curry leaves and spices, steamed and served with chutney. This dish is inspired from the Madhya Pradesh cuisine which is Dr Rajan’s birth place.

On the other hand, the sweet dish(Kovakozhukattai) is a sweet rice flour dumpling stuffed with cardamom flavored mixture of khoya with dry fruits, simmered in rose flavored milk, that is served as a dessert. This sweet dish is inspired from the state of Tamil Nadu that connects to his origins.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)