Mumbai, May 11, 2018: With the ongoing of summers, Hotel Sahara Star, one of the leading five star properties, introduces you to their savory mango infused menu that will tickle your taste buds and want to ask for more!

We love eating mangoes just when they are ripe but when added with other food ingredients, we know we can’t resist. Summers are here and what better way to celebrate than by indulging in some savory mango dishes. Relish a light and bright mango dish that looks fancier and tastes even better.

Below are the few recipes of the dishes you can indulge in these midsummer’s at Hotel Sahara Star

Mango and lime marinated shrimps with avocado


Shrimps                                    250gm

Mango pulp                             50gm

Lemon juice                              10ml

Kasundi mustard                   5gm

Avocado                                100gm

Olive oil                                    1tbsp

Snowpeas shoot                  20gm

Chilli flaks

Salt and pepper to taste


Take mango pulp put lemon juice, kasundi paste, salt, chilli flakes and make marination

Marinated prawns with the marination and keep a side for 1hour

Heat the griller pan put some oil and cooked prawns

For platting take whole mango remove seed and stuffed with snow peas shoot avocado, then arrange prawns on it

Mango avocado and cream cheese sushi


Sushi rice                                     1cup

Water 2cup

Sugar 1tbsp

Salt 1tbsp

Rice vinegar                             2tbsp

For the roll

Mango 1 no

Avocado 1no

Cream cheese 100gm

Nori sheets 4no


Combine the rice and water in a rice cooker and cook

Meanwhile in small bowl combine the rice vinegar, sugar  and salt heat in the microwave for the few second to allow the sugar dissolve

Prepare the filling ingredients for the roll and a side

Transfer the rice to a large bowl and pour in the vinegar mixture, gently fold the rice until the mixture get incorporated. The rice will get start little sticky and shiny

Take sushi mat put nori sheet on it then spread rice on nori sheet

Then change the side rice side will go down nori sheet side up then put your stuffing on nori sheet and roll the sushi

Cut in small pieces and serve

Mango nutella crepes with whipped cream


All purpose flour   1 cup

Milk    ½ cup

Water   2/3 cup

Butter ¼ cup

Vanilla extract 2tbsp

Sugar 1tbsp


Vegetable oil1tbsp


Chop mango                           100gm

Nutella                                     100gm

Fresh cream                              50gm


Mixed all the ingredients and make a batter

Heat non stick pan and make nice thin crepes

Spread nutella on crepes, stuffed with chop mango and fold it

Served with dusting of sugar and fresh cream

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)