Give the Gift of Love This Valentine’s Day

Bangalore, January 31, 2017: Valentine’s Day conjures up images of chocolate and flowers, but how about some exquisite tea? Herbal potions, balms and other assorted plants and flowers have been used for centuries in connection with the pursuit of romance. So why not surprise your valentine with the delicious and healthy gift of the “Whole leaf”. Teamonk Global, an online tea shop, brings you this valentine the finest ‘Signature pottery collection’ and ‘Azaya Rose Tea’, a beautiful combination of the essence of rose embedded into the benevolence of pure green tea. The new collection of Signature Pottery is special tailor-made from the “Pearl of the Orient – Sri Lanka” handcrafted by some of the finest craftsmen of the generation.

Ashok Mittal, Co-founder, Teamonk Global, said, “Today’s marketplace is becoming increasingly focused on providing consumers with value-added products that help support a well-balanced lifestyle. To reflect this growing trend, we are presenting ‘Azaya Rose Tea’, a simple way to enjoy a cup of tea with added benefits and our new exquisite Signature tea ware collection is equipped to preserve the purity of mother earth.”

The tea has been sourced from the elevations of Arunachal, involves methods of Vrikshayurveda (ancient Indian science of Agriculture) that accredits to its wonderful end products. The leaves are plucked at the crack of dawn and steamed immediately to arrest fermentation which imparts it the elegant green color. Then the leaves are rolled in 16” mini rollers without applying any weight. The leaves get laced with the juices under their own weight, in the well of the rolling table. This avoids rupturing of leaves which in turn avoids fermentation. The rolled teas are dried at 80-85 C very slowly in tray dryers for over 2 hours.

The ‘Signature Pottery’ collection, the pureness of pottery, is a testament of earth’s purity and a symbol of ‘Fulfilment’. The order of imagination and techniques involved to bring these products to life did not happen in a day, it rather took the finest craftsman of Sri Lanka to get the pottery glazed to perfection.

Price and Availability:

Azaya Rose Tea – 50 Grams Tin Caddy @ Rs.275/-

Signature collection (Click here)

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