India’s Hotel, Restaurant & Café space is growing at a rapid pace and this has forced most of the eading food brands to cater to this space. Leading FMCG manufacturers have set up diversified lines to ater to the HoReCa segment. Manufacturers are now giving comprehensive Product Basket to omplete the food table right from single server, to table top, to Bulk Packs (HoReCa) and Catering to all he HoReCa category customers. Best Quality and quantity offered at reasonable prices and nstitutional packs catering exclusively to the HoReCa usages, bring efficiency and economy with quality o HoReCa clients base. Manufacturers of food products and suppliers to the service industry who are looking at seeing heir brand entering the Hotels, Restaurant and Catering space should be a part of the show. xhibit your products and meet up with the best in business and create new and untapped avenues. uyers get to use the best quality products either for their own use or for reselling.