The month long festival promises to offer a memorable extravagance of Lucknow’s most authentic Nawabi taste

Lucknow, August 15, 017: If you are a lover of the scrumptious Awadhi cuisine, kebabs in all their formats and variants are bound to be your culinary weakness. For all such lovers of this mouth watering minced and grilled meat preparation, Renaissance Marriott Hotel is bringing a memorable treat!

The Great Kebab Festival from July 14 to August 15 will be held at the Hotel’s fine dining restaurant Sepia where you can tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your palate with an array of succulent kebabs.

From the melt-in-the-mouth Kakori kebab variety to the mouth-watering boti kebabs and the ah-so-tender galouti kebabs, Awadhi food is known for this preparation.

Kebabs are an intrinsic part of Lucknow’s cuisine with Lucknow synonymous for many with the 100-year-old Tunde ke kebab. At Renaissance Marriott Hotel’s ‘Great Kebab Festival’, the visitors will be treated to a range of kebab varieties, along with an array of curry rich delicacies and tempting street sweets.

“Kebabs are one of the most loved varieties of Awadhi cuisine. In fact, a large number of food lovers from across the country visit Lucknow especially to indulge in its sumptuous food delicacies. The Great Kebab Festival at Renaissance Marriott Hotel is part of our endeavor to introduce our patrons to the city’s most authentic cuisine by treating them to a culinary spread fit for the nawabi taste,” says Chef Balvinder Pal Singh Lubana, Executive Sous Chef, Renaissance Marriott Hotel.

The festival will treat the guests to a delightful extravagance of its chef-curated menu of unlimited Lucknawi kebabs served with tenderly spiced chutneys.

“We believe in offering our guests and patrons a holistic experience of the city they are visiting. Our food festivals are a part of this endeavor. In recent years, we have organized a series of food festivals showcasing not just Awadhi cuisine but also cuisines from other parts of the country and the world. With the Great Kebab Festival, we are adding another dimension to the series. The Festival promises to be a paradise for food lovers,”says Gaurav Chopra, General Manager, Renaissance Marriott Hotel.

The Great Kebab Festival will run from July 14 till August 15

Time: 07.30 pm to 11.00 pm.

Venue: Sepia, Renaissance Marriott Hotel, Lucknow

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