Bengaluru, January 29, 2016: For the month of February, Bar Vagabond pays homage to the romance that is in the air.

This pleasing drink brings forth a unique mix of ingredients and a wonderful feast for the eyes too.

We use Martin Miller’s Gin, Espirit de June, lemon juice and simple syrup with a light staining of grenadine to define the color of the drink.

Espirit de June is a rare french liqueur crafted from the flowers of ugni-blanc, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

Keeping this in mind, the piece de resistance, is the ice that is used to chill the drink, where the ice has been meticulously created with frozen berries and edible flowers wrapped within it, akin to us presenting a bouquet of flowers to our loved ones.

30 ml Martin Miller’s Gin

30 ml Espirit de June

15 ml Lemon Juice

15 ml Simple Syrup

1 barspoon Grenadine

Cocktail Selling Price :


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